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How ARHS Mac Dude Productions was born!

The evolution of Double Dare:
(includes important events related to Double Dare!)

October 6th, 1986:
• The first official episode of Double Dare (v 1.0) is aired on Nickelodeon.
• Nickelodeon is one of the first networks broadcast on Cable TV
• it was first taped at WHYY studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (a PBS station)

• Super Sloppy Double Dare airs on Nickelodeon
• Double Dare was shot at Unitel Studios in New York City.

April 3rd to July 23rd, 1988:
• Fox bought the rights to create the first edition of Family Double Dare
• Fox Family Double Dare was pulled after only 13 episodes. 

September 6th 1989:

• Last episode of Double Dare shown outside of Nickelodeon

• Super Sloppy Double Dare is reincarnated
• This version was really Sloppy!
• it was first shot on WHYY Super Sloppy Double Dare in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a PBS station.
• the final 50 episodes were filmed inside the newly completed Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.

• Family Double Dare premiers on Nickelodeon on August 13th
• Family Double Dare is shown Weekdays @ 5:30 pm
• Fox picks up Fun House for the final season. 
• JD Roth becomes a Game Show legend. (See "Biographies" for more)

• What Would You Do? replaces season 6 of Double Dare 
• Marc Summers and Robin Marrella are the only Double Dare staff on the show
• Super Sloppy Double Dare and Double Dare are shown in Family Double Dare's time slot!

• Final season of Family Double Dare (v. 1.4) taped
• Doc Holliday replaced Harvey!
• Harvey's son, Caleb, is born!

• Family Double Dare's final episode "tournament of champions" aired for the only time in history!
• Harvey returns as the Security Guard.

• Double Dare - Super Sloppiest Moments VHS released!

• Final Family Double Dare live tour (marc starts the final tour, but phil Moore completed it!)

• Family Double Dare moves to the coffin area of Nickelodeon's Schedule! 
• Family Double Dare aired at 7 am on weekends, then only Sundays.

• nick gas officially launches as part of QuickTime TV (though I never was able to get it to work!)

• dish network officially launches nick gas on TV!

January 21st 2000: 
• double dare 2000 is given it's own 2 hour party (starring marc summers and nick cannon!)

• double dare 2000 can't come back (no money)!

• double dare 2000 airs on nick gas!

December 31st 2007:
• last day of nick gas airs (dish network keeps it alive)

January 1st 2008: 
• the N replaces nick gas! 
• Outraged fans post episodes on YouTube!

• CBS threatens YouTube, all CBS owned content removed!

October 6th, 2011: 
• Double Dare turns 25! 
• A Page is being built for the celebration!
• Stay tuned for details!

The evolution of ARHS Mac Dude Productions:


  • My whole world revolves around Double Dare, until they move it to Nick GAS!


  • my heart is still broken as I protest nickelodeon!


  • Universal studios launches Totally Nickelodeon.
  • Double Dare's TV Dinner Physical Challenge is a featured game!
  • Das Blimp is twice the size and much messier.


  • Radio Disney (KMKY) looks for new talent, I submit my first demo tape! 
  • Nickelodeon gives fans the worst version of Double Dare ever.
  • Double Dare 2000 gets pulled after 65 episodes due to funding!
  • Jason Harris is the worst Game Show Host in History!<


  • I become outraged at nickelodeon, which prompted me to create my own show.


  • Riordan forces me to shelve the project (2001-2004) 
  • I forgot about my childhood dream until I met Susilo Fox!


  • Susilo says to go for my dreams. 
  • Let's Get Messy! is revived from the dead!


  • ARHS Mac Dude productions gets blogged on facebook as an dream!
  • Rob Newsom Jr. supports the project (The first major supporter of the idea)!
  • ARHS Mac Dude productions is launched on facebook!
  • Found a lost episode of Double Dare hosted by bruce jenner on youtube!


    • Our internet provider begins limiting internet usage (5/2/2011)
    • Double Dare turned 25!
    • Site is finally updated!


    • Lets Get Messy! Season 1 live taping tour target!
    • First 5 Episodes are most likely being filmed @ the san mateo county fair!
    • Production of Lets Get Messy! begins!

    Fall 2012:

    • First Season of Lets Get Messy! will most likely air on youtube
    • Second Season TBD
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