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How we came to be
In 2001, I attended Archbishop Riordan High School in San Francisco. while I was there, people asked me for help with using Macs, so I decided to call myself 'ARHS Mac Dude!' I decided that would be the name of my production team as of 2009.

Our Mission Statements:
  1. to find kids having fun
  2. Get kids Gakked up!
  3. get america educated about Hydrocephalus
  4. help find a cure for Hydrocephalus by donating a portion of our profits to the Hydrocephalus Association!
  5. Bring Family Double Dare into the 21st century
  6. Honor our Game Show Greats with a video tribute during the show!
  7. Make Yuck! TV look stupid, and
  8. Save KCSM TV!
  9. Be a part of San Mateo County Fair History!

Our Motto
'The Messier It Is, The Better It Is, and sooner, or later, this stage will be covered in slime, once again!' - Marc Summers, in his final moment as host of Family Double Dare (1994 - Double Dare: Super Sloppiest Moments home VHS by Sony Wonder and Nickelodeon!)

The Greatest Game Show Host in the history of Kids Game Shows... Marc Summers (With John Harvey, your announcer and Trophy Security Guard [1992])

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