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Coming Soon:


My promo for the Hydrocephalus Association! [ 2012]

The Best Of Double Dare [Marc Summers] (2012!)
  1. The Best of Double Dare (86-92) on DVD [coming soon!] 
  1. The Best of Double Dare (2000) on DVD [Due 2013] 
  1. Double Dare Info (with video examples) [in progress]
Lets Get Messy! Season 1 tickets (Coming soon!) 
An updated edition of Double Dare by GameTek (TBD)
Lets Get Messy! the game! (Mac/iPad)

Game Show Games (iPad/Mac TBD)

iPad programming [TBD]
  1. Depends upon sources listed on the multimedia page!
note: all of these things depend on time limitations.

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