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Double Dare 2000 Fun Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Double Dare 2000! 

(last updated on 2/3/2012)

Please submit any other info to me, and you'll get credit for it!

This page may never be completely finished!

Fun Facts


There were at least 3 episodes in which Nick Stars were contestants
Most of the physical challenges were either way too easy, way too hard, or the TDC made the physical challenge impossible
See Airball episode!
On the Pilot episode, the Amanda Show was cheated out of 18 seconds during the slopstacle course!
There was no chemistry between any of the cast and crew of Double Dare 2000
Without Marc and Harvey, Double Dare 2000 was a failure!
There were only a handful of grand prize winners on Double Dare 2000!
My List of Winners is coming soon!
If the theme song wasn't updated from 1990, Double Dare 2000 would've been a fake ripoff!
Even though Double Dare 2000 ran out of money, Josh Yawn and Joey W. tried to save the show!
Double Dare 2000 ended with only 64 of the 65 episodes ordered
Fans expecting a Tournament of Champions were angered to see that the final episode featured Teams of Nick Celebrities!
Family Double Dare: Tournament Of Champions
Double Dare 2000 Finale

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