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Lets Get Messy Physical challenge list
Physical Challenge
Actual Name
how to play
Ask Jeeves
Bee Ball
Water Basketball
Care Bears
Curious George
Banana Split
Farmer John
Hot Dog!
Five Pies
Pies in the pants
Dinner is served
Hollywood Squares
Igloo Melt
In-N-Out Burger
Jed Clampett
Oil Derrick
Jamba Juice
Muppet Babies
Paint by Number
Papa Murphy's
Family Size Pizza
Penn and Teller
Pizza Hut
Phillip J. Fry
Spud Toss
Pie Coaster
Pie Pod
Pie Wash
Pies in the pants
Ping Pong Playa
Ring Toss
Roach Motel
Salad Shoot
Slurm Surprise
Smurf Special
Supermarket Sweep
Ultimate Revenge
Water Basketball
Bee Ball
William Tell


  • This List was updated on 12/25/11, and will be amended as the creative process happens!

  • We will also be working on making some of the stunt cards into stage props! (Original Design by Pressman Toys)

  • We will also be looking for volunteers to test out some of our stunts in the near future!

  • There will be a photograph and/or YouTube Video of each stunt in action (pending completion)

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